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Selecting the Right Bottle of Red

Get ready for a brief run down on some great reds for your next event!

Cabernet Sauvignon is a prime choice if you want to be daring and bold. Best when aged in Oak barrels, flavors erupt which include black currant, cherry, bell pepper, and olive. Its strong, intense flavor will warm up any crowd. Serve with steak and roast beef for a divine tasting experience.


If you are looking for a softer, fruitier wine, Merlot is where it's at. Merlot is a very popular choice and in fact is the most frequently planted red grape in France's Bordeaux region. Similar to Cabernet in the aromas they share, including black cherry, currant, and cedar, Merlot differs in frequently adding mint, tobacco, and tea-leaf overtones.This wine is wonderfully paired with both beef and lamb dishes.

Australia and South Africa offer a delicious varietal known as Shiraz. You may have also heard of Syrah, which is the same grape but originates in France, Argentina, Chile, or the US. This red wine is full-bodied, rich, and fruity. Flavors include blackberry, plum, chocolate, and spice. Shiraz is not a wine we recommend aging- it is at its best when it's young. It's perfect with beef, but also surprisingly tasty with both Mexican and Indian food.


Pinot Noir is a fine wine, but is also known as being the toughest grape to grow. This makes finding a great bottle at a reasonable price something of a task- we don't recommend this varietal for beginners unless you are headed to a wine shop that can give you trustworthy selections to choose from. Pinot Noir has flavors of sweet berries, plums, tomatoes, and even a subtle earthy flavor that can occasionally surface. The wonderful thing about this red wine is that can be paired with so many different dishes. It goes well with poultry, beef, ham, lamb, pork, and even fish!