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Glass is an excellent product to store food in. When using plastic the storageware can get stained, with our storageware you will not have this problem. Another unique feature is the fact that when not in use, the empty product can be nested which saves space and is a big advantage. And when in use, the items can be stacked. Note that these items cannot be put in the oven!

Large Bowl with plastic Lid, 305 cl - 103,1 oz, Medium Bowl with plastic Lid 167 cl - 56,4 oz, Small Bowl with plastic Lid 81 cl - 27,3 oz, Rectangular Bowl with plastic Lid, 96 cl - 32,4 oz, Medium Cup with plastic Lid 42 cl 0 14,2 oz, Small Cup with plastic Lid 17 cl - 5,6 oz.

Also available 6 pce set with plastic Lids.

Item No. 940657 / 940664 / 940671 / 940688 / 940695 / 940701 / 940718
*Only Available in Stores