Cocktail set
Time to party martini glass set 18 pieces
Feel like having a party, serving great cocktails?

Stemware set
Neve 18 pce set wineglass set stemware set
If you like the more nordic glass design, this is your choice!

Beer Glasses
Time to Party beerglasses 18 pce set
There is no party without people drinking beer!

A Table casseroles
Casseroles are excellent products to cook in.

Ellipse coupe
Ellipse oval ice cream coupe
Serving your desserts in this modern oval shaped coupe is really special!

Footed Platter
Deli&Deco serving platter
The Deli & Deco range are items which can be used for presenting food but also for decorating...

Ovenware Dishes
À Table ovenware dishes
Various sizes of ovenware dishes are offered.

a table save and store storage ware bowls with lids storage bowls
Glass is an excellent product to store food in!  Also stackable and nestable.