A Table bakeware
Mixing bowls, a nice measuring cup and a custard cup are our bakeware items.

Aristo wine glass range
One of our more modern designs. Very popular in Italy!

Beer range
Artisan beer glasses range
Worldwide we see a trend for special beers and beerglasses. A nice gift!

Stemware set
Ballet 12 pce set with 6 wine glasses 49 cl and 6 wine 36 cl. stemware set
Ballet is one of our latest introductions. Note the refined stem! A very nice design

Bouquet stemware range wineglasses
This classic design is excellent for a great wine experience.

Glassware Combination Set
Expression wine glass range set of 3
This modern range is one of the latest Royal Leerdam introductions. Something special!

Country inspirations wine glass and water glass color
Robust and facetted and colored (sprayed) glassware: great fun!

Bowl set
Crossings bowlset salad bowl and 4 small fruit bowls
A nice bowl set which combines a nice sized salad or fruitsalad bowl, with 4 small bowls.

Footed Platter
Deli&Deco serving platter
The Deli & Deco range are items which can be used for presenting food but also for decorating...

Coupe Glass
Delice iceream coupe a3
A nice coupe for serving your dessert.

Emotions tumbler waterglass
This nicely designed tumbler is really something special. Also available with sprayed base of the...

Glassware Combination Set
Expression wine glass range set of 3
This modern range is one of the latest Royal Leerdam introductions. Something special!

Fluente stemware
Note the special and subtle design of the stem, which adds extra elegance to this stemware range.

Fun2color wineglasses with or without colored stem color stem
If you prefer short stemmed fun glasses Fun2Color is a good choice.

Black Stem Wine Glasses
Gallery black stem wineglasses
This is for you, when you like to combine colored stemware with your tableware and you have a spe...

Wineglass range
Impulz wineglasses stemware range
If you like style and modern design Impulz is an excellent choice!

In2One tumblers water glasses
Our newest beverage range, with a special fun design. Note the tumblers are stackable..

Glassware range
Jewel glassware wineglasses and waterglass stemless wineglass
A classic, elegant stemware line with just the right design to appreciate your wines as much as p...

Wines and Tumblers
Just 4 Wine glasses and tumblers water or juice glasses
Need some nice and generous wineglasses, martini glasses or glasses for softdrinks or water?

Wine glass range
Le vin wine glasses stemware
An ideal design for appreciating the best wines.

Champagne Flute
Champagne glasses magnum
Champagne, cava and spumante are all sparkling wines, for which it is best to use a champagne flute.

Manhattan tumblers waterglasses cola glasses
Less is more. That goes for the straightforward design of Manhattan..

Wine Glasses and Tumblers
Match and color glasses
Whether it is Natural Blue or Sweet Red, our hues make your tabletop sing with colour!

Stemware range
Metropole vintage classic wine glasses
If you like vintage you will like this!

Specialty glasses
Moments special glasses, sherry glass, liquor glass, martini glass, margarita glass, cognac glass, grappa glass, irish coffee glass, licor glass
For each moment there is a special drink to enjoy, for which you need a special glass.

Stemware set
Neve 18 pce set wineglass set stemware set
If you like the more nordic glass design, this is your choice!

Combination Glassware set
Noble combination set wineglass and waterglass
A nice table setting: this combination of 4 wine glasses and 4 tumblers.  

Stemware Range
Classic vintage wineglasses Noblesse
This elegant design radiates finesse and style.

Stemware Set
Stemware set Novum
A very classy modern shaped wine glass range.

Punch bowl set
Party bowl set of 10 with a big punchbowl and small bowls
Serving punches at parties is nice. This set makes it possible.

Stemware set
Xcellent stemware set
For winelovers this set is Xcellent!

Wine glasses
Proportions glassware wine glasses
Sets of 2 with nice oversized wineglasses.  

Stemware set
Reserve stemware set
Complete elegance is offered with this stemware set.

Stemware Set
Stemware set Novum
A very classy modern shaped wine glass range.

Glassware collection
Sensi coffeeglass teaglass beerglass wine glass and champagne glass
You need a gift for a special friend? This gift idea is great!

Stemware range
Sentido wineglasses
With its square bowl shape, the Sentido premium line gives your table a decidedly fresh, clean lo...

Stemware Range
wine tasting range
Classic and contemporary: ideal for wine tasting!

Wineglass set
Time to party wine glasses 18 piece set
The complete set for all of your entertaining wants and needs.

Appetizers and Desserts
Twins desserts set
2 Great dinner items to serve desserts and appetizers!

Uniq wine glasses and champagne flute
Modern and stylish: that definately applies for this Uniq range.

Vin+ wine glasses
Nice, affordable and functional wine glasses.

Stemware set
Vinaio stemware set
This trendy stemware set brings elegance to your table

Vinissimo wineglasses
Functional, basic, generous and well designed.

Black stemmed stemware set
Xcellent black stemware set oversized wine glasses
Black stemmed wine glasses can be an excellent match.

Wine and Champagne
4 You, wine 4 you champagne 4 you wine glass and champagne flute
Yard Wine is a creative gift for a special person in your life