Stemware set
Ballet 12 pce set with 6 wine glasses 49 cl and 6 wine 36 cl. stemware set
Ballet is one of our latest introductions. Note the refined stem! A very nice design

Caprice Dessert coupe 24 cl. - 8.25 oz
What a treat presenting your dessert in this ice cream dish!

Stemware set
Neve 18 pce set wineglass set stemware set
If you like the more nordic glass design, this is your choice!

Cocktail Glassware Set
Twins cocktail set 8 pcs
Feel like doing a cocktail night with your friends ? With twins cocktail and martini you are all...

Waters and Drinks
Twins 8 pce set beverage glasses, drinking glasses.
For those who like to enjoy special drinks, with or without alcohol!

Prosecco and Champagne
Twins Prosecco glasses and champagne glasses 8 pce glassware set drinkware
This set is great for offering sparkling drinks, like prosecco and champagne.