Combination Sets
Have a look at our nice combination sets, both in Royal Leerdam Finesse and in Royal Leerdam we are offering plenty of options, excellent for many occasions, from cooking, to dining , to partying.
Combi set
8 pce set Duet.
Excellent set for dinner. You are ready to go with this elegant wine glass, and nice waterglass.&...

Combination Glassware set
Noble combination set wineglass and waterglass
A nice table setting: this combination of 4 wine glasses and 4 tumblers.  

Combination Glassware Set
impulz wineglass waterglass
A modern and stylish tablesetting!

Combination set
Metropole glassware 8 piece set
A complete tablesetting in vintage style.

Glassware range
Jewel glassware wineglasses and waterglass stemless wineglass
A classic, elegant stemware line with just the right design to appreciate your wines as much as p...

Ovenware Dishes
À Table ovenware dishes
Various sizes of ovenware dishes are offered.

Prosecco and Champagne
Twins Prosecco glasses and champagne glasses 8 pce glassware set drinkware
This set is great for offering sparkling drinks, like prosecco and champagne.  

Specialty glasses
Moments special glasses, sherry glass, liquor glass, martini glass, margarita glass, cognac glass, grappa glass, irish coffee glass, licor glass
For each moment there is a special drink to enjoy, for which you need a special glass.