From the elegance of the Royal Leerdam Finesse range, our latest introduction, to more basic combination sets in the Royal Leerdam range, in our stemware line you can find the best choice, to experience fine dining at home.
Glassware Combination Set
Expression wine glass range set of 3
This modern range is one of the latest Royal Leerdam introductions. Something special!

Glassware range
Jewel glassware wineglasses and waterglass stemless wineglass
A classic, elegant stemware line with just the right design to appreciate your wines as much as p...

Specialty glasses
Moments special glasses, sherry glass, liquor glass, martini glass, margarita glass, cognac glass, grappa glass, irish coffee glass, licor glass
For each moment there is a special drink to enjoy, for which you need a special glass.

Bouquet stemware range wineglasses
This classic design is excellent for a great wine experience.

Fluente stemware
Note the special and subtle design of the stem, which adds extra elegance to this stemware range.

Fun2color wineglasses with or without colored stem color stem
If you prefer short stemmed fun glasses Fun2Color is a good choice.

Uniq wine glasses and champagne flute
Modern and stylish: that definately applies for this Uniq range.

Wine glass range
Le vin wine glasses stemware
An ideal design for appreciating the best wines.