Our biggest introduction is Royal Leerdam Finesse , a completely new brand which consists of various Dutch Design ranges, characterized by their pure quality and fine edged rim. In the Royal Leerdam range we also present lots of novelties. Have a look at for example Twins, Just 4 , In2One.. and all others!
Emotions tumbler waterglass
This nicely designed tumbler is really something special. Also available with sprayed base of the...

In2One tumblers water glasses
Our newest beverage range, with a special fun design. Note the tumblers are stackable..

Manhattan tumblers waterglasses cola glasses
Less is more. That goes for the straightforward design of Manhattan..

Bowl set
Crossings bowlset salad bowl and 4 small fruit bowls
A nice bowl set which combines a nice sized salad or fruitsalad bowl, with 4 small bowls.

Caprice Dessert coupe 24 cl. - 8.25 oz
What a treat presenting your dessert in this ice cream dish!

Coupe Glass
Delice iceream coupe a3
A nice coupe for serving your dessert.

Ellipse coupe
Ellipse oval ice cream coupe
Serving your desserts in this modern oval shaped coupe is really special!

Glassware Combination Set
Expression wine glass range set of 3
This modern range is one of the latest Royal Leerdam introductions. Something special!