Deli and Deco is our main range in serveware, where we show you can use the items for serving food, but also for decorating your home. Very nice items, with which you impress your visitors.
3 Tier Platter
Deli&Deco 3 tier platter
This 3 tier plate is a "pièce de résistance".  

Chip'n Dip Bowl
Deli & Deco chip & Dip bowl
A convenient way to serve chips with a tasty dip

Footed Bowl
Deli&Deco footed bowl
The footed bowl is a great item to serve a trifle, keep your fruit or use it decorate!

Footed Platter
Deli&Deco serving platter
The Deli & Deco range are items which can be used for presenting food but also for decorating...

Platter and Dome
Deli&Deco platter and dome
This platter and dome is an item with a lot of allure.

Punch bowl set
Party bowl set of 10 with a big punchbowl and small bowls
Serving punches at parties is nice. This set makes it possible.

Small Platter & Dome
Deli&Deco small platter and dome
Good for small sweets and other goodies. And nice for decorating.

Super Bowl
Deli & Deco super bowl
A super bowl for presenting sweets or decorate your home.