Combination Sets
Have a look at our nice combination sets, both in Royal Leerdam Finesse and in Royal Leerdam we are offering plenty of options, excellent for many occasions, from cooking, to dining , to partying.
Combination Glassware set
Noble combination set wineglass and waterglass
A nice table setting: this combination of 4 wine glasses and 4 tumblers.  

Combination Glassware Set
impulz wineglass waterglass
A modern and stylish tablesetting!

Stemware set
Ballet 12 pce set with 6 wine glasses 49 cl and 6 wine 36 cl. stemware set
Ballet is one of our latest introductions. Note the refined stem! A very nice design

Stemware set
impulz wineglasses
Our Impulz stemware set is  very stylish and modern.

Stemware Set
wineglass sublime
Practical short stemmed perfect wineglasses. Royal Leerdam Finesse .

Stemware Set
Stemware set Novum
A very classy modern shaped wine glass range.

Stemware Set
Classic vintage wineglasses Noblesse
This elegant design radiates finesse and style.